Winter tyres offer increased safety and piece of mind

Posted on October 17, 2018

It’s important to be prepared. When the nights start drawing in and the temperatures drop its time to see about fitting winter tyres to your vehicle.

You need winter tyres if you expect to drive on damp and cold roads where the temperature is less than seven degrees Celsius.

Winter tyres aren’t only necessary if you’re faced with heavy snow and ice, like some of the winters we’ve seen in Scotland in recent years, but they can also offer increased grip, comfort and improved stopping distances.

Crucially, winter tyres are made from a softer rubber compared to ordinary tyres and don't harden in the cold, meaning they provide extra grip to help you maintain control of the vehicle.

Winter tyres maximise performance in all kinds of cold weather, including, snow, ice, slush and rain and they have been found to help drivers stop 11 metres earlier than ordinary tyres when travelling at 20mph, and eight meters earlier at 30mph.

The secret to their better grip surface is wider grooves and zig-zag sipe patterns which provides extra edges that grip the road when the tyre rotates.

As winter retreats and spring weather re-emerges, it’s important to change back to ordinary tyres. Winter tyres offer considerably less grip in warm weather which will mean a considerable increase in braking distances and a reduction in car control.

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